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Make Beats & Music with Drum Pads 24

Free beat making app and all in one music studio with a huge library of curated loops and sounds from world known producers and finger drummers. Connect and collaborate with beat makers from all over the wold. Start your music journey today!

Make your own beats and express yourself. Drum Pads 24 is the mobile app for making beats and music, with a huge library of sounds and a community of beat makers. Available for iOS and Android.

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Get inspired with a massive collection of loops and samples, featuring sounds created by some of the biggest hitmakers in the world. Includes free Producer Packs from ASADI, Mad Zack, ENEI, and more!

Drum Pads 24: User Reviews

Love this beat pad. Programmable sounds and live pads help me compete in world events. This is one of 3 apps that I completely rely on in my career. Without Drum Pads 24 I would have no content on YouTube.


Nov 24, 2023 on Google Play

Thanks to you, more than five years ago I discovered the world of beatmaking. It's one of the best apps for making music, especially live. Thank you for creating this masterpiece, I will always support you.


March 18, 2022 on App Store

I’ve been using this app since about 2016 an its always been by far the best one of its kind. This app has given many people a new hobby as well as myself.


August 9, 2020 on Google Play

This app is soo useful. The easy layout is clean and simple. And how long did it take to do all these sound packs? You guys really put a foot into this and it’s so helpful for producers.


March 29, 2022 on App Store

Very enjoyable experience even if you can't play a note. It's just fun trying out different options and going for it let the inner child of music play.


Nov 4, 2021 on Google Play

This App is absolutely insane! It’s given me the career I’ve always wanted, A Music producer and DJ.


May 20, 2020 on App Store

I really love this app. It‘s a fun way to make music on the go and to play around with a launchpad similar device on a mobile phone.


Dec 26, 2019 on App Store

Easy to record and to get the creative juices flowing when writing a song


May 17, 2018 on App Store

This app is amazing and it's generally quite easy to use and the majority of the sound packs are free. I enjoy being able to make my own sound packs as well. Definitely worth downloading.


Oct 15, 2017 on App Store

Love it. Smash out tunes with tonnes of different genres to pick from. Great creative app to express your self.

Sample guy

Jun 15, 2017 on App Store

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Please feel free to contact our support team or write to us directly from the app. We are open to partnerships and collaborations with artists, musicians, beatmakers, and talented people.

Drum Pads 24 is the best app for finger drumming and a full-featured music studio.

Make your own beats and express yourself! Drum Pads 24 is the mobile app for making beats and music, with a huge library of sounds and a community of beat makers, available for iOS and Android.

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Get inspired with a huge collection of sounds, loops, and drum kits. Explore different genres and categories, from drums to bass lines and vocals. Make music quickly with an extensive sound collection at your fingertips. Includes artist packs from ASADI, Current Value, Mad Zack, Enei, and many more.

Current Value

Producer and Finger Drummer



Mad Zach

Producer and Finger Drummer

Bass Kleph

Producer and Finger Drummer


Producer and Finger Drummer



Sonny Bass



Producer and Finger Drummer