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At Drum Pads 24, we are committed to unlocking the boundless possibilities of musical creativity for everyone. Our mission is to create intuitive and functional applications that make the world of music creation accessible and appealing to all, from beginners to professionals. We provide the tools for music experimentation, allowing everyone to dive into the world of finger drumming, beat and track composition, and to express themselves and their musical ideas.

Our goal is to build an ecosystem of complementary applications that not only expand the horizons of creativity but also create a community of like-minded individuals united by a passion for music. At Drum Pads 24, we believe that everyone can be a music creator, and we are here to provide the tools and support at every step of this exciting journey.

Megamatrix with ipad after live show

Megamatrix with Drum Pads 24

Jack Pharaoh playing live set at the Burning Man

Jack Pharaoh playing Drum Pads 24 at the Burning Man

Drum Pads 24 story

The story of Drum Pads 24 begins in July 2013, when the first version of the app was released. The launch version had only four sound packs, but they were so captivating that users wanted to play them on repeat. The Android version was the first to be available, marking the beginning of a path to success.

Drum Pads 24 opened on iPad Pro

Drum Pads 24 supports iPad

Dj playing Drum Pads 24

Alex Pro dropping live beats between club DJ sets

Immediately after its release, the app started to spread virally in South Korea, where it climbed to the top of the free applications chart in the App Store. The first breakdowns of sound packs and tutorials on how to play specific sound packs soon appeared.

We began nurturing our user community immediately after launching the application, which helped us to gather passionate users around the app. After the release, we started filming and uploading video previews on how our sound packs could be played. We also produced tutorials and detailed breakdowns. This led to viral distribution on YouTube as well. The YouTube Silver Button followed shortly after. Now, our YouTube channel has over 125 million views and over 500 000 subscribers. In addition to video lessons on sound packs, our team also released the Rhythms app, which helps users master finger drumming and beat creation.

A few months after the release, a collaboration took place with the AAA game studio Unknown Worlds and their game Natural Selection 2. The Natural Selection 2: Dubstep sound pack was released in the result of the collaboration. Following that, the team started actively working on collaborations with artists and releasing exclusive packs from artists.

Beatmaker playing Drum Pads 24

Jack Pharaoh uses Drum Pads 24 at his live show

Over time, genre-specific applications such as Hip Hop Drum Pads 24, Trap Drum Pads 24, Electro Drum Pads 24, and Dubstep Drum Pads 24 were released, each enriching the ecosystem and offering users new sound possibilities. These genre-specific applications also saw success and reached the tops of Google Play and Apple Store.

Innovations continued with the introduction of a user sound pack feed and chat, further enhancing interaction within the community. Now users could create their own sound packs and share them with friends.

Drum Pads 24 on iPad

Drum Pads 24 Sound Pack Editor

In 2017, Drum Pads 24 was featured at the opening ceremony of the student Olympics in Taipei, Taiwan. For the opening ceremony, we created two special sound packs - Universiade Taipei 2017 and Taipei OST - that enabled hundreds of people to perform on tablets in a specially prepared act.

Crowd with Android tablets and Drum Pads 24 at the Taipei Universiade

Leehom Wang on the opening Taipei Universiade ceremony with Drum Pads 24

Taipei Universiade Opening Ceremony with Drum Pads 24

The opening ceremony of the Taipei 2017 Universiade with hundreds of people holding tablets with Drum Pads 24 app

The latest updates have brought clips and live effects to the app, increasing users' creative possibilities. Additionally, the sound pack editor was revamped, incorporating AI features for sound classification, making the music creation process even more accessible and intuitive.

Thus, Drum Pads 24 has transformed from a simple application into a powerful music creation platform, inspiring millions of users worldwide to express themselves through music and continue developing their creative abilities.

Drum Pads 24 User Photo Wall

Drum Pads 24 Community

Do you have any app related questions?

Please feel free to contact our support team or write to us directly from the app. We are open to partnerships and collaborations with artists, musicians, beatmakers, and talented people.

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