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Rhythms: Learn Finger Drumming

Easy way to learn finger drumming. Rhythms are for beat makers and finger drummers, complete beginners and advanced musicians. Learn how to make beats or just pimp your skills.



Rhythms is your ultimate music tutor that will help beat makers of all ages and levels to improve their beat techniques. Follow the rhythms of the music and learn at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want.


• Beat makers and finger drummers

• Complete beginners

• Advanced musicians


• Over 200 lessons with over 100 sound packs covering popular genres including EDM, Trap, Future Bass, and so on.

• Guided playing: Rhythms help you play different parts of a track and then you can combine them together. The app will lead you to advance your skills and challenge yourself.

• Different modes: use tutorial mode to watch how to play the lesson. Use step-by-step mode to learn the rhythm. Use live mode to challenge yourself.

• Fun music game: addictive and fun gameplay tracks your progress. Practice every day to improve your results.

• Statistics: check your statistic and keep motivated to practice and learn.

• Portability: you can take Rhythms with you and play music anywhere.

• High sound quality: all sounds are made by us in our music studio or in collaboration with EDM producers.

RHYTHMS - the fun way to learn, play and master the pad controllers. Hit the notes at the right time to get the highest score! Practice every day and you’ll be amazed how fast your skills advance. Go and start playing now!

Learn how to play Marshmello Keep It Mello with Rhythms

Here is awesome example of pretty hard beat played with two hands. We divided the performance into several parts. First part is the lesson with just melody. In the second one we added drums. The final performance you can check on the video.

Useful tip: learn most complex parts before, drop main lesson. Then merge drums with melody.

Learn how to play Imperial March with Rhythms

Rhythms will give you step by step instructions how to learn a melody. Most popular problem for all beginners is how to play with two hands on Drum Pads 24 or on MIDI controllers. With Rhythms you will have an epic answer to this most common live beat maker's question.

Useful tip: repeat lesson 10 times and you will play like a pro.

Learn how to make beat in 10 seconds

Here is an example of the advanced beat which become pretty easy to play if you will check preview before and then get main idea.


The tutorials are very understandable and you learn quickly. On some levels, sooner or later your nerves might get a bit shaken. But it's also captivating when you start to get the hang of it. I can say that the game is worth our attention because it develops hand-eye coordination and memory.


Jan 21, 2024 on App Store

I can say that I use this app every day. And besides to be funny. I have been seen improvements in my music journey.


Dec 14, 2023 on App Store

This is a cool app. My fingers have become faster. Now I can play music that's more challenging on easy mode


Mar 11, 2022 on App Store

The first few times, I wanted to give up. Unnoticed, 30 minutes passed. Now I don't even look at where I'm pressing, it all happens automatically. Half an hour of playing was a bit nervewracking at the beginning, hundreds of attempts, and now I can already show some learning results.


Nov 14, 2022 on App Store

I've played similar apps before, but they felt more like games, and there wasn't a sense that you were making music yourself. Here, every press depends on you, and it feels like you're doing the right thing!


Jun 26, 2022 on App Store

I've been playing Drum Pads 24 for quite some time now. And I think newcomers will enjoy the app and find it helpful for learning. I recommend it to everyone, especially beginners. This app will turn you into a beatmaker!


Jun 21, 2022 on App Store

The app works great and fulfills its main task perfectly - it develops a sense of rhythm, teaches playing with both hands, beatmaking, and can serve as a test of abilities for experienced beatmakers.


Jun 13, 2022 on App Store

Rhythms app logo

Rhythms: Learn Finger Drumming

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Easy way to learn finger drumming. Rhythms are for beat makers and finger drummers, complete beginners and advanced musicians. Learn how to make beats or just pimp your skills.